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Open edition fine art print series

Remember what it feels like .......... to have your bare feet sink slightly into sand as a wave swirls around you on a beach, to become intensely aware of the pungent smell of the earth after rain, to walk through landscapes where tall grasses surround you with texture, motion, and sounds of the wind.

Alchemy ......... earthy, intense.

Each prints has a presence that is textural and elemental.An encounter with light as a lyrical, playful language.

                                                                     Alchemy print # 2

                                                                    Alchemy print # 4

                                                                     Alchemy print # 5

The Alchemy Print Series evolved very naturally out of work exploring scanner photography, found objects and layering within Adobe Photoshop. 

Alchemy, as a numbered series because the work as a whole is a fluid process of discovery, unearthing textured landscapes where grass, bone, materials, metal surfaces, wire, blend and meld into abstract photographic works open to imagination and story.

                                                                     Alchemy print # 6

                                                                    Alchemy print # 7

                                                                    Alchemy print # 8

The creative process allows room for the unexpected, the accident, the chance blending within the image making process for something that I have not seen before, which takes the image into new conversations.

My source material for creative work comes from within the macro, micro universe of rock surfaces, patterns on stone, weathering and marks left by time, lichen patterns half obscured by tangled grasses and undergrowth, the delicate lines of a fold within cloth, or the unexpected discovery when blendinghand made paper texture and color into leather.


                                                                     Alchemy print # 9


                                                                   Alchemy print # 10

                                                                     Alchemy # 19

Alchemy Open edition fine art prints are professionally printed in collaboration with Mark Prior,  artist, photographer, printer, Print Art Photography, Denman Island, BC, using Epson UltraChrome pigmented inks to give museum quality finish to the final print. 

Prints are made with a commitment to quality, care, and attention, to offer you a lifetime conversation and personal journey with the work.

prints are unmounted with a large white border approx between 1-3inches.