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Small Works fine art print series

The small works photography series are quiet poems, written in light, line and texture.

Small intimate moments of connection to the earth, to light, to imagination and story

Gooseberry leaf # 1    8x10 inches   



Print order information

Paper size: 8x10    Epson Hot Press Natural 100% cotton fiber, acid free, no optical brighteners

Image size: approx 6.1 x 3.8inches

Prints ship Mated ready to frame , size for an 8x10 frame window 5x7   

Gooseberry leaf # 2    8x10 inches   


Wing grass blending    8x10 inches    


Curving grass linework    8x10 inches   


The open edition small print works series are printed with care and attention from my own studio gallery.           

I use an Epson printer and Ultrachrome inks with excellent longevity to ensure archival prints that offer a lifetime of enjoyment. Prints are signed and dated.

The moment of image capture can be an extraordinary, creative beginning place, to find personal story woven within the universal experience of being playfully alive as a participant in a far more imaginative, creative, life-affirming conversation.

Drawing with light sketch # 1    8x10 inches   

Drawing with light sketch # 2    8x10 inches   

Foxtail line drawing # 1     8x10 inches   

Foxtail line drawing # 2     8x10 inches   

I consider these prints to be working sketches and drawings because the images have been drawn out of what shows up in the moment, traces and impressions. Camera, light and time connecting. Refinement and reflection to become prints.

Foxtail line drawing # 3    8x10 inches   


We are surrounded by impressions challenging our eyesight, demanding the mind's attention, scaling downward to details that classify and clarify.


Wire line sketch # 4   8x10 inches   

Wire line sketch # 1    8x10 inches   


What lingers as a resonant connection? Lines, shadows, abrasion marks, the curling tendrils of hair on a fence that suggest a presence, yet are as elegant as line work on the breeze.                 


Fireweed # 1    8x10 inches   

Wire line sketch # 2    8x10 inches   


The intricate, delicate lines of wind twisted or winter dried grass. What we often see and take in with a glance but think we leave behind as we step into the vastness of a bigger landscape.


Grass texture # 1    8x10 inches   

Wire line sketch # 3    8x10 inches