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Fine art print Alchemy 4

Fine art print Alchemy 4


pcarrollfineart.com, is the online gallery and shop for art and photography prints by Philomena Carroll, a Canadian Irish artist currently based in Whitehorse, Yukon, Northern Canada


Alchemy fine art print FAQ


Alchemy prints are OPEN EDITIONS

(With the exception of 2 in this current series).

Prints are SIGNED.


Prints are NOT MATTED. I do not frame.

All prints have a white BORDER approx 2-3inches based on the image size on standard print size papers.

Find more print details here.

Print purchase FAQ

  • All prints are special order

Alchemy return, refund and exchange.


 Shipping damage FAQ link


Print is substandard.

  • due to poor printing workmanship.

Print orders and printing are specific to your purchase.

I do not carry an inventory.

  • I will begin the print production process once an order is placed and full payment confirmed

through the website payment process. 

I will confirm the order by e mail with followup communication.

  1.  I do not accept returns.
  2.  I do not exchange or refund.

I would be happy to  discuss your wall space, esthetic and art buying questions.

Here are suggestions if you are thinking of purchasing an Alchemy print.

  • You might want to measure the wall space for placement and fit.
  •  Would you be thinking of buying a print from the collection as a gift? I welcome questions and will work with you. Do contact me.

Alchemy prints are printed with care and attention, to rigorous professional standards.

  • Each print is carefully inspected before shipping.

How you view my work on the website will be determined partly by the “back lighting” of your computer monitor, device screen resolution and color options. Please be aware of this and not assume the physical print is inaccurate.

  • I will accept for refund or replace any print that you are not completely satisfied with due to any defect in workmanship.
  1.  Providing the print is shipped back to the printer in its original packing material.
  2.  In the condition in which it was received.
  3.  The cost and arrangement of the return shipment will be the artist's responsibility to ensure is covered.
  4.  Please have the package ready for collection by the courier at the premises to which it was delivered.
  5.  Rejected prints must be returned.
  6.  Or, written notification must be received confirming  the buyer's intention to return, within 7 days of receipt of the prints.

Payment options


What are your payment terms?


Cancellation of an order

  • Limited Time period.
  • Within the first 3 days of placing the order.

Printing and shipping




CARE INFORMATION to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment

The VISA payment option on this site is through Stripe.

CREDIT CARDS: MasterCard, Visa, American Express,  Apple Pay

I will be adding PAYPAL soon


Print orders are fulfilled when full payment is confirmed through the website payment process at time of placing the order.

  • I do not offer installment payment plans.

I fully understand that buying artwork is a very personal decision and there can be second thoughts.

 To cancel an order within the 3 day period.

  • You must cancel in writing, by email and in direct consultation with the artist.

 Terms and refund information link.

  1.  Print timeline 2 to 4 weeks.( prints may be ready to ship sooner)
  2.  Shipped from British Columbia.
  3.  Flat rate shipping within Canada. Size of package determines if shipped via Canada post or Courier.
  4.  Courier for international.
  5.  Items may take 2 to 4 weeks to receive depending on where the purchaser lives.

Prints are shipped with tracking and insurance.

  • In the event of delays in transit full responsibility for the safe and timely delivery of your prints

rests with the courier. Depending on each courier's terms and conditions I will work with you to see

if the order tracking identifies location and final safe delivery.

For shipping, depending on print size:

Large format prints are individually sleeved and rolled, or printed surfaces will be protected by acid free tissue then sealed inside a polythene tube and suspended inside a rigid corrugated cardboard box.

Aluminum prints are shipped sealed inside a plastic sleeve which is taped down to a rigid substrate in an oversize rigid box, protecting corners and edges.

Oversize prints are professionally crated.

  1.  I recommend taking the print immediately to a framer.
  2.  When handling your print hold by the border edges and / or wearing gloves.
  3.  I recommend immediate framing under glass.
  4.  As with all artwork, place on a wall out of direct, bright sunlight.