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Print price varies based on size and the medium. 

Paper: Prices range from $680.00 - $1,690.00 CDN

(Other mediums will be listed soon)


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  • All prints are shipped with a certificate of authenticity.

  • All prints are signed.


The fine art print series Alchemy evolved very naturally. Like any good story there are many layers and ways to explore each Alchemy print.


A flat bed scanner became the starting point.

Found objects, textures, the folds of a leather jacket, scraps of material, dried grass, even an alarm clock that had stopped working became photographic layers.

Prints evolved organically through multiple layering.

Final prints remain organic, textured.


I approach working with a camera or scanner for image capture with intense curiosity.

It's always a creative, collaborative encounter moment by moment with light as a lyrical, playful language.