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  • Paper size: 8x10 Epson Hot Press Natural 100% cotton fiber, acid free, no optical brighteners
  • All images, size: approx 6.1 x 3.8inches
  • Prints ship Mated ready to frame , size for an 8x10 frame window 5x7  
  • All images, size: approx 6.1 x 3.8inches
  • The open edition small print works series are printed with care and attention from my own studio gallery.   

For eight years I lived at the edge of a small farm, a half hours drive north of Whitehorse, Yukon.

I was surrounded by seasonal earth textures, always growing and dying back.

The fields rotated through several seasons from a small herd of horses, to an ever-changing group of cows and calf's meandering in and around the fields between home and studio.

Deer and a few moose wandered through occasionally, as did other animals, including foxes. Spring and fall would  bring the anticipation and surprise of catching a glimpse of swans and smaller birds migrating through, then hawks or eagles returning to nest for the summer, hunting mice and gophers.

 Winter snow and the low arc of the sun created stark white against shadow sketches of tree's that gave me an appreciation of black and white image work.

Dried grasses became patient teachers, revealing how organic, elegant, sculptural stillness can hide in plain sight.


I came to see my camera as a sketchbook and realized each image is the first sentence of a  conversation. Layer by layer each final print should hold an impression of all the presences that lie within its creative path,


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