• Any print order damaged in-transit will be replaced.

  • 24 hour time window to notify

For Small works prints there is a limited timeline on pick up or delivery, of 24 hrs to notify me of in-transit damage.

Due to insurance claim processing)

  • Otherwise the order will be deemed inspected and accepted by you.


Inspecting box immediately on receipt.

Sometimes the outer box

has damage but the contents

are fine.

1. Damage to the box

When your artwork is delivered, or at time of pickup, if you notice any damage to the box, please take a digital photo of the damage before you open, and open the box in front of the carrier who delivered it if possible.

  • If possible be sure the carrier documents the damage.

  • Photograph damage

2. If the contents are damaged.

  • If the contents are damaged photograph them without removing them if that shows the damage and/or unwrapped.

Contact information


3. Contact the artist

Phone me (1-867-689-8718) and email info@pcarrollfineart.com and I will then coordinate insurance coverage questions and begin planning for replacement print(s) immediately.

  • In the email make sure to attach the photographs , plus any information to support the insurance claim that will be made against the courier.